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Loy.2 plays.rogue.pdf
Photocopy of "Two Plays" with some reader's annotations.
Imperfect: Not archival quality reproduction.
Published in Rogue I: 8 (Aug. 15, 1915): 15-16.

Loy.Aphorisms on Futurism.pdf

The term Futurism crossed out and replaced with Modernism in pencil.
Imperfect: torn at top corner and leading edge with some loss of text.
Published in Camera Work 45, 1914 January.

Loy.Sacred Prostitute.pdf
1 folder (68 l.) ; 28 cm. and smaller
Typed manuscript

Digitized scan of "The Pamperers."
Published in The Dial LXIX: 1 (July 1920): 65-78.

Loy.O Marcel.pdf
Digitized scan of "O Marcel"
Published in The Blind Man No. 2 (May 1917)
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