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Loy.Aphorisms on Futurism.pdf

The term Futurism crossed out and replaced with Modernism in pencil.
Imperfect: torn at top corner and leading edge with some loss of text.
Published in Camera Work 45, 1914 January.

Loy.O Marcel.pdf
Digitized scan of "O Marcel"
Published in The Blind Man No. 2 (May 1917)

Digitized scan of "The Pamperers."
Published in The Dial LXIX: 1 (July 1920): 65-78.

Loy.Sacred Prostitute.pdf
1 folder (68 l.) ; 28 cm. and smaller
Typed manuscript

Loy.2 plays.rogue.pdf
Photocopy of "Two Plays" with some reader's annotations.
Imperfect: Not archival quality reproduction.
Published in Rogue I: 8 (Aug. 15, 1915): 15-16.
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